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Conductor Bag

Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Conductor Bag
Off grid

Conductor Bag

The perfect bag for those who love to travel or for those who live a busy life between the gym, the office and urban adventures.
Conductor Bag fits all your needs. Comfortable thanks to the strap system that allows you to transform your bag into a practical backpack, it is made of 100% recycled LDPE, durable and waterproof.
Take advantage of all the handy compartments to store your most important items in order and always have them at hand. Whatever your style, whatever your pace, the Conductor Bag can take on every challenge with you without missing a beat.

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  • Characteristics

    • High quality material with zero environmental impact: try our LDPE bag and discover a new world.
    • The bag that turns into a backpack when you need it. Wear it in the best way for you, without ever giving up on comfort.
    • The shape allows you to have a super roomy and extremely versatile accessory on your shoulder. Find out what compactness really is!
    • Duffel bag or backpack, the style is always that of Off Grid. Stay unmistakable, stay connected to style.
    • Width: S 45cm
    • Height: S 25cm
    • Depth: S 25cm

  • Composition

    100% recycled LDPE

  • Shipping & Returns

    We ship our garments throughout Italy within 24 hours of placing your order. Delivery is free for purchases over €70!

    If you have purchased the wrong size or are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 14 days of the delivery date.

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